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Wishes From The Web!

Toasted on 11th Mar 2013

Today we’ve rolled out a new feature that so many of you awesome Toasters have been asking for. You wanted a way to wish for stuff when you’re browsing the web on your laptop. Well, we looked at a lot of options and we think we came up with the simplest way for you to do just that.

All you have to do is login to and you’ll be taken to your beautiful web wishlist (this is the same one your friends see when you share it from the iPhone app). Here you can click on the first box and paste in the website link (URL) of the thing you’re wishing for. We’ll do the rest: getting the name, image, price, etc.

Super simple, right? Even though it seems simple on the surface there’s a ton of complex stuff happening underneath, and we’re still working out some of the bugs. If the wish you create doesn’t look like you expect, we’d really appreciate if you could comment here or tweet us with your personal wishlist link so we can improve the process.

We’re looking forward to how you use this new feature.

Keep toasting!

Your Toast Team

New feature: tagging your friends

Toasted on 28th Jan 2013

We introduced a new feature with our latest update (1.3): Tagging! We’re excited to tell you a little more about it today.

It’s been live for a little while and we’ve already seen you guys using it in awesome ways: giving your family a subtle hint before your birthday, showing your best friend how cool is that new pair of shoes you just found, or even moments when you tought “this [super awesome gift] is totally for [that person you know so well] !”. Our how about the fun, non-material wishes, like “A Night Out With Friends?” You could let your best friends know you’d like to spend this special moment with them ! We’re excited to see how you will keep using tagging in the future. 

image image

To tag your friends in a wish, just press the tag button (next to “love”) and type their name in the search field !

Let us know what you think of tagging in the comments below. How will you use it ?

Introducing Wish Ideas!

Toasted on 28th Nov 2012

We’re really excited to see what you think of our newest feature: Wish Ideas. Wish ideas are curated collections of awesome gifts you can instantly add to your wish list. They change daily based on your wish activity, so check back often. Update your Toast app to check out the new Wish Ideas section.

Awesome Designers, Brands and Collections

Wish Ideas also allows us to introduce you to our favorite designers, brands and collections. The first fashion designer will be introduced tomorrow. So be sure to follow our twitter account to be the first to know when we introduce a new collection.


Some Hot New Toast!

Toasted on 31st Oct 2012

We’re happy to tell you we have just released Toast version 1.1 to the iTunes App Store. Its the first big revision after our launch and contains a lot of enhancements that you, our early adopters, have asked for.

Invite Your Friends

In this new version of Toast inviting friends is much easier. Many people told us we want to see more people we know and need an easy way to invite them to Toast. We hope we made it pretty simple: just click “Invite More Friends” from your Profile and you can send an invitation with Facebook, Twitter, Email or SMS.

Friends’ Birthdays

If you open the right side menu you’ll get a nice new surprise as well! There we’ve put all the upcoming birthdays of your friends so you’ll know which ones need to make a wish list on Toast first. 


Feature: Share With Anyone!

Toasted on 23rd Oct 2012

Did you know you can share your Toast Wish List with everyone? Even if they don’t have an iPhone!

All you have to do is tap the Wishes icon in the left side menu to go to your Wish List. From here you can click the share button in the upper right of the screen:

You can choose to share via Facebook, Twitter, Email or SMS. Your friend will get a link which brings them to a beautiful personal web site displaying your wish list.


Toast is Ready!

Toasted on 3rd Oct 2012

We are incredibly excited! We’re finally able to tell you about the worldwide release of our social wish list app: Toast. Toast helps you make wishes come true. Just share your wishes with friends and say thank you when they come true. It’s super simple, and will change the way you give and receive gifts, making sure you never receive the wrong gift again.

The Toast story

We’ve always wanted to build a product that brought a bit more joy to your life. In late 2011 we really started analyzing gifting as it is a deep-rooted social tradition that has a major positive impact. A gift is really much more than just a nicely wrapped product and a greeting card. Gifting is synonymous with happiness, gratification and generosity. And generosity creates harmony. This is why we believe it is such a powerful action for good and are working day and night to bring this highly emotional and personal experience to you and your friends.

Giving the perfect gift

We became so passionate and excited about this idea that we got to work immediately by just hacking together a simple web application to test our hypotheses. Some of them were spot on. Others were way off, but we were learning a lot. 

Quick iterations and priceless feedback from our first users allowed us to finally find the major problem that needed solving. So many of you told us the same story; “My boyfriend doesn’t know what I like.” “I hate giving gift cards. They’re so impersonal.” “My mom asks me what I want for Christmas and I never know what to say.” It was obvious what we needed to build for you: A clever mobile app that helps you always send and receive the perfect gift.


Facebook Gifts is Great for Us

Toasted on 1st Oct 2012

As you all know we’ve been iterating quickly and testing hypotheses in the “social gifting space” for going on three years. We’ve tested little features and deep psychological concepts across several brand names and platforms. The culmination of all this research is a strategy that we believe will ultimately allow us to create the most engaging, addictive, fun and convenient way to have a holistic gifting experience. 

The app, Toast, that we submitted to the app store one week ago is the first 1% in this journey. Toast is focused on the gift recipient, who we know to be the most engaged and emotional person in what we call the “gift cycle.” The “gift cycle” is the past, present and future actions involved with receiving a gift: wishing, giving, thanking. Toast enables you to fulfill directly the first and last step of this cycle by creating a universal wish list, sharing it with friends and then thanking people when a wish comes true. Why did we start with these two actions? These are the most socially engaged actions in the “gift cycle,” the actions you’ll most likely tell others about.